In the Works rulings on the Adler-O-Meter

Make city permitting easier

"Improve the development review and approval process by providing computerization...improved training and management, creation of Expedited Review Teams and a strong emphasis on streamlined and consolidated reviews to improve customer service."

Enact a 20 percent homestead exemption

Wants to "provide a 20 percent across the board tax exemption for homesteads."

Make changes at city utilities to promote affordability

"Require Austin Energy and the Austin Water Utility to initiate long-term changes in their business models that will better accommodate affordability."

Look for surplus properties to sell

"Conduct a review of all city holdings to see if any could or should be sold. Consider using the potential revenue to pay other one-time expenses that might be incurred."

Launch a pre-kindergarten initiative

"As mayor, I will launch a pre-kindergarten initiative aimed at helping to institutionalize pre-K for three- and four-year-olds in our city as one of the Mayor's Education Outreach Coordinator's highest-priority projects."