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Democrat from Ohio

Sherrod Brown is a Democratic U.S. Senator representing Ohio.

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  • True14 (%)(14)
  • Mostly True8 (%)(8)
  • Half True5 (%)(5)
  • Mostly False3 (%)(3)
  • False4 (%)(4)
  • Pants on Fire1 (%)(1)

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Claim distorts votes to cash in on spin

Mostly False

A selective description meant to mislead


Ultimately paid with late penalties and interest

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"The deciding vote?" All 60 of them!

We look at TV ads claiming various senators were "the deciding vote" for the health care law. 

Even in an age of fact checking, the whopper lives

Politicians of all parties have been bending the truth since the beginning of the republic.

The two previous presidential administrations are perhaps best known for lies or untruths -- see Lewinsky, Monica, and weapons of mass destruction. And even in this, another presidential election year, rare is the day when a candidate does not utter or repeat a claim that will be debunked by an independent truth squad.

Why do they do it?

Those who study politics and communications say the consequences appear to be minimal.


Sherrod Brown's Red Sox claim one of 2011's big hits

Sen. Sherrod Brown hurled a high hard one in defense of the Cleveland Indians when he got some good-natured ribbing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program.

We raised our Chief Wahoo mug of morning Joe in salute and picked his claim about the Red Sox as one of the year's favorites.