Not yet rated rulings on the Scott-O-Meter

Propose an amendment to curb property tax increases

"During a second term Gov.Scott will propose amending Florida’s constitution to prevent families’ property taxes from increasing year after year if the value of their homes remains the same or goes down."

Invest $1 billion in Florida's waters

"At the beginning of Gov. Scott’s second term he will propose a 10-year, $500 million, funding program for alternative water supply investment that requires an applicant to meet water conservation benchmarks to qualify for funding. ... During a second Gov. Scott term will recommend a ten-year program for springs restoration totaling $500 million.

Spend $25 billion on roads over five years to ease congestion

"Gov. Scott will further expand Florida's road network by supporting the investment of nearly $25 billion in the next five years to ease congestion by adding new lanes, enhancing exisiting roadways and making safety improvements."