Tracking the promises of Rick Kriseman


PolitiFact Florida has compiled promises that St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman made during the 2013 campaign and is tracking their progress on our Krise-O-Meter.

We rate their status as Not Yet Rated, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken. (See our About the Krise-O-Meter page for details on our ratings.)

The report card at right provides an up-to-the-minute tally of all the promises.

Promises we’ve rated recently

Continue and strengthen the Mayor’s Mentors & More program

The Promise:

"I will ... continue and strengthen the Mayor’s Mentors & More program (now under the St. Pete’s Promise umbrella)."

Update September 24th, 2015: City adds new position, while volunteers and contributions are up

Implement StPeteStat

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will implement StPeteStat, based on the CitiStat model of statistics-driven accountability standards. Building on the city’s current Scorecard measures, StPeteStat will consist of regular meetings, during which my staff and I will meet with department heads to examine and analyze past performance, future performance objectives, and overall performance strategies."

Update September 24th, 2015: City Council approves funding for a StPeteStat coordinator

Work to have service-learning implemented in all of St. Petersburg's public schools

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will work to have service-learning implemented in all of St. Petersburg's public schools."

Update September 24th, 2015: Mini-grants, St. Pete High pilot program move goals forward

Fund youth summer employment programs

The Promise:

Q: How would you make city government more efficient? Name specific areas where you would propose reducing spending and areas where you’d protect or enhance spending. A: "I also am very interested in funding for youth summer employment programs."

Update July 17th, 2015: Kriseman wants more money for summer jobs program

Make staff available to press on a regular basis

The Promise:

"I will make myself and my staff available to the press on a regular basis."

Update June 12th, 2015: Kriseman and his staff have been willing to talk

Re-establish a community policing philosophy

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will ... reestablish a community policing philosophy that emphasizes the relationship between the police officer and the neighborhood in an effort to promote trust and cooperation."

Update April 24th, 2015: New police chief emphasizes community policing in St. Pete

Deliver state of city address every year

The Promise:

"It’s time that St. Petersburg’s Mayor, like so many other mayors, delivers an annual State of the City address to keep the public better informed. I will do that, and I will make myself and my staff available to the press on a regular basis."

Update April 24th, 2015: Police station deal announced in mayor's first speech

Make city website more friendly

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will revamp so that it’s user-friendly, highly interactive, and reflective of our community. The budget, in particular, should be easy to view and navigate."

Update April 10th, 2015: City website springs into 2015 with dramatic makeover

Protect St. Petersburg taxpayers in Rays negotiations

The Promise:

"Throughout the negotiating process I will ensure that our taxpayers are protected. While a sense of regionalism is important, especially in tough economic times, my primary duty will always be to the residents of St. Petersburg."

Update December 22nd, 2014: City council votes down deal requiring Rays to pay through 2026

Require Rays to pay a fee to look elsewhere

The Promise:

"If the Rays simply do not want to be here any longer — then they should be given the opportunity to pay an exploratory fee in order to look at other locations, provided those locations are in the Tampa Bay area."

Update December 22nd, 2014: Rejected deal didn't have an exploratory fee

Make curbside recycling mandatory

The Promise:

Q: Name three policies pushed by Mayor Bill Foster during his administration that you support and would advocate continuing. Name three others that you would want to change. A: "I will continue to support the efforts at curbside recycling but go beyond the half-measures and make it mandatory."

Update December 8th, 2014: City approves plan to start mandatory recycling by summer 2015

Treat Codes Compliance Assistance Department as a budget priority

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will ... support staff and treating our Codes Compliance Assistance Department as a budget priority. As we continue to emerge from the economic downturn and related budget cuts, we must look to restore funding to the areas that were hit the hardest, and that includes Codes."

Update November 25th, 2014: City Council approves mayor’s budget for three more officers

Have final design for new pier by September 2014

The Promise:

"I will ask them (an appointed committee) to submit their recommendations no later than April 2, 2014, with the goal of having a final design in place within the first nine months of my administration."

Update November 25th, 2014: Deadline replaced with design vote scheduled for 2015

Support referendum for Green Light Pinellas and route into downtown

The Promise:

Q: Pinellas voters are expected to vote in November 2014 on raising the sales tax by 1 cent to pay for better bus service and a light rail system? Do you support the referendum and the proposed route into downtown? A: "Yes and Yes. Light rail and other modes of public transportation are vital to our municipal and regional success and moving us into the future."

Update November 24th, 2014: Greenlight failed, but Kriseman did his part

Fund the Neighborhood Partnership Grants program

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will encourage effective and influential neighborhood associations by funding the Neighborhood Partnership Grants program."

Update June 12th, 2014: New mayor want to revive program funding, offers mini-grants